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Employ Prince George's Workforce Wire

Feb 17, 2021

What is Stormwater Management? We’re glad you asked. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Stormwater management is the effort to reduce runoff of rainwater or melted snow into streets, lawns and other sites and the improvement of water quality.  Urban or developed areas with poor Stormwater management can have flooding, erosion, turbidity (or muddiness), storm and sanitary sewer system overflow, and infrastructure damage.  A proper Stormwater management system will not only provide green infrastructure helping the environment, but also aides Workforce Development providing jobs, education & resources to the community it serves. On this episode of The Workforce Wire, Employ Prince George’s President & CEO, Walter Simmons, will facilitate a discussion between two Stormwater management experts from the Prince George’s County Clean Water Partnership (CWP). The CWP allows Prince George’s County to have access to private sector efficiencies and expertise to develop, manage, and maintain stormwater infrastructure.  Join us as we discuss the intersection of Stormwater management and Workforce Development with The Clean Water Partnership’s Community Partnership Liaison, Keisha Brown, and Mentor Protégé Program Director, Michael Burke.